About us

MALAFOR is an abbreviation of polish "Małe laboratorium formy", which literally means "Small form labolatory". We are in two - Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Paweł Pomorski. It has all started in 2004. One year after graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (Poland) we decided to establish MALAFOR not only as an idea but as a brand, which we still develope. We have started with designing and producing objects for the short series production.  In recent years, we have also directed our steps to more industrial approach, which led us to create "Activ Basket" - a shopping basket for disabled people moving on a wheelchair and some household projects commisioned by external companies.

Even though utility is an important factor, we consider concept as the most valuable aspect in our work. In search of innovation, we try to find new uses for the commonly known materials. It also happens that we notice and change the context of people's conventional customs. Like in Polish Walking sticks, where we have made our national contribution to the "Nordic walking" fashion. While designing, we have elaborated a perfect balance in our work. We treat seriously the functionality of our projects, while we have fun in creating their image and idea.   

Although we live and work in Poland, we try to bring our products on the international marketplace. We believe that the connection with our national roots brings quality and credibility to our products.The concepts of our work come from an artistic background, still we always try to maintain a strong awareness for the industry, whilst creating new objects. Most of our products are enviromental friendly and easy to dismantle. Like the "Blow Sofa", which is made from recycled paper and in which it is easier to replace just the cloth rather than the whole furniture.